The life of a freelancer is difficult. Money woes. Finding the right idea. Breathing in and out until the editor responds to your query. Getting your own space at home to work. Getting people to take you seriously.

Huh! No wonder I named this blog so! There is no end to the struggle. There’re just different struggles. Better struggles.

But there are moments when you realize the sheer bliss of being a freelancer. Of choosing a difficult path. Of choosing a profession that most people around you could not comprehend. Of standing with two roads in front of you and deciding on the one ‘less traveled.’

That realization comes on a Sunday evening. As you realize that sickening feeling about having to wake up on a Monday morning and push yourself to do something that you’re not invested in, no longer exists. It has vanished to the extent that you don’t even remember what it used to feel like.

That sickening feeling has been replaced by something else. That excitement of waiting for the rest of the crowd to get out of the house, so that you can get to your work. So you can start doing the work that calms you. The work that is a manifestation of who you’re. And a natural extension of your personality. No pretense. Just yourself. You and your words. When it’s not just work, but is almost a need to keep you going. Like a workout to keep your body fit, this mental workout is needed for your sanity, for your smile, and for you to keep breathing.

Happy Monday! Say bye to the blues.