The family is talking about going on a trip. It’s high time, we all agree. The summer is getting to a close and we’ve just been lazing around. Yes, yes, all heads nod.

Now, there is some debate about where to go. After some huffing and puffing, the destination is decided.

Life takes over a bit, and then we forget about all the planning for the next few days. Weekend comes, and the spouse suddenly recollects this conversation.

‘Oh!what about the trip?’

‘What about it?’

‘Let’s do it this week.’

The child comes over. ‘Yes this week is great, I don’t have school.’

‘My work load is manageable, too,’ declares the spouse.

Now, all heads turn to me. I’m expecting them to ask how my schedule is sketched out.

‘You will do the bookings, right?’

Yeah, such is the life of a freelancer. While you’re running from one deadline to another, no one else seems to remember that you’re actually working. What’s worse is the assumption that you now have the time to do all the drudgery work of the house.

‘Call the plumber.’

‘Pay the bills.’

‘Why is the internet not working? Can you get it fixed today?’

‘There’s a nice movie coming on TV today. Hey, atleast YOU can watch it!’

And of course, ‘do the bookings.’