This is what James Clear has to say about the need to do one thing at a time to be successful at it.

He could be watching my life from afar. I am a planner. I make lists. I love to tick check boxes one at a time. I love my new year resolutions. And, resolutions during other times of the year. Like my birthdays – I decide from this year on, I am going to do x y z. But, I find myself making the same resolutions the next year too.

I attribute this to a certain lack of discipline but more importantly, the distracted world we live in. There are so many things to do, information to consume, skills to learn, places to go, books to read … and in the midst of all that, it’s hard to get ONE thing right… and perfect. It’s easier to do multiple things in an average manner, rather than do ONE thing really well.

Even now, while I am typing this post, I am checking my other tabs, emails.. facebook, etc. I am looking at my phone, talking to someone next to me and worrying about a few things. With such a distracted head, its a wonder I get anything done at all. And, I do, trust me. Like, I am going to finish this post. But, what if our minds could go on a single focus on something? I’m positive that the results will be much better. I can think of examples in my life when I’ve done something like that – where, for years I had just one goal and I really excelled at it. But, as we grew up anxious to experience a variety of things, life seems short and the list of things-to-do seem to keep expanding.

If you wanted to just pick ONE FOCUS ITEM for the next, let’s say, 2 months, what would it be? Think about it. Park everything else. Let us give each other the liberty to suck at those other things in life. Just get cracking on this ONE item. Ready, go.