Because there is always someone out there who will read it and go, yeah, I get it!

I remember reading this book by Cecelia Ahern called ‘A hundred names’. It’s not a standout book, but I liked the underlying concept in it where a journalist randomly picks 100 people and finds out their stories. In each case, there is always a story. Yeah, everyone has a story. And, that story is worth telling. That story is what makes life beautiful or depressing or ugly or optimistic or even banal.

This is the blog of a struggling freelancer, a writer. So, obviously it means that I don’t have everything figured out. I am certainly not qualified to write blog posts such as ‘5 habits for a successful writer’. (Although, you may find me getting cocky and writing posts like that because as a writer you feel you can just write about anything)

But I do realize that this journey, this struggle is something unusual. Atleast for me and certainly in my circle of friends and family. There is always going to be a sample population who may find it ‘regular’ and ‘usual’. It doesn’t matter. I am simply going with the belief that all kinds of struggles are worth recording.

Definitely for me and hopefully a little bit for you.