Because, so far any conversation after ‘I am a writer’ has never been a pleasant one. Sample these.

Conversation 1:

Person: So, what do you do?

Me: I am a writer.

Person: (narrows eyes) Hmm.. oh really? That’s uhmm…interesting.

Me: No, I just say that because I wanted to see that stupid expression on your face.

Conversation 2:

Person: I hear you write well.

Me: (surprised) Oh, thanks ­čÖé

Person: So, what do you write?

Me: I write for magazines – articles, features and such…(more blah)

Person: You know, it’s interesting. I used to write too when I was in school. My English teacher used to say I had some real talent. I guess I could have become something.

Me: (banging my head on the wall) Yeah, you’re right. It is very easy. Super easy.

Conversation 3:

Person: You’ve been busy since morning on your laptop.

Me: Yes, just reviewing my article before I send it out. Today is the deadline.

Person: (offers sincerely) You know I’ve studied for GMAT. I can take a look at your article for you. I know some fancy words.

Conversation 4:

I meet this Person in a completely personal setting, where we are engaged in a real-estate deal. This is the very first time I meet him.

Person: What do you do?

Me: I am a freelance writer.

Person: (smirks) Oh, does that even pay?

Me: (want to slap him and say that it’s none of your business, but suck it up and say timidly) It’s not bad.

Person: (does not let it go) Oh, really? Can’t be much.


You get the drift. But there is admittedly some entertainment out of these conversations if you don’t get all touchy about it. Nowadays its become a sort of a hobby for me to introduce myself as a writer and just see where the conversation leads. I realize it might give more material to write another blog post on this. A handful of people┬áspoil the fun by simply saying… ‘Wow! that must be so much fun. I’m really happy for you!’ Hey, what do they know!